Mad Lisp

Gunslinger: Gradually, fear becomes your way of life

Mustache Ride $50

I heart newsrelated spoofs

Wax on, fuck off

The Roots feat Ice Cube, Ren Geez & Sleezy E - Straight Outta Compton (Jamming at The Jimmy Fallon Show)

"You are now about to witness the strenght of street knowledge"

Grrrls do the darnest things

Arnold is numero uno

Fuckyeah Ink: The bigger the better

Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak.

- Brian Williams

Sinister Kid: Peanutbutter Motherfucker

The Lolita Complex

Another day at the office

Vampire Weekend - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

I just broke up with someone and the last thing she said to me was “You’ll never find anyone like me again!” I’m thinking, “I should hope not! If I don’t want you, why would I want someone like you.”

- Billy Crystal

Watcha see is watcha get

The story of a rockstars less ordinary life

I´m gonna become a Pooljumper

Iron Baby

"I Am Tabotha, and I hope to one day have a common law marriage whit a beautiful, intelligent, broke-ass hipster"